I have been a grateful patient of Dr. Wilson-King for 10 years. My pre-menopausal and post-menopausal time included 7 years of only 3-5 hour of sleep a night, 30-50 hot flashes per day with sweat dripping down my face and neck, mood swings, and depression that left me with suicidal thoughts and the need for anti-depressants. My body responded to the bioidentical hormones with the very first night’s dose of progesterone. I slept for 8hrs. The result of her care and my choices literally gave me back my life. I found joy, I looked better, slept nightly, my skin glowed, and quite frankly‚Ķit was magical. I have no intentions of leaving her care and wholeheartedly encourage others to look into her program.

- Susan

Dr. Wilson-King is a very compassionate lady. I have been her patient going on 12 years. I can honestly say that I would not have survived life without her. When I had my first appointment, I was unaware that my body had little or none of the hormones that I needed. Symptoms were mood swings, crying, anger, severe hot and cold flashes. I was only 49 at the time. She went over my lab work thoroughly and got me started on the medications that were needed. I have been a happier person ever since. Dr. Wilson-King continues to improve her knowledge so that she can improve her patients well-being. I am forever grateful to have found her.

- Pamela