Get Started

Steps to Optimum Health and Optimum Wellness

Are you interested in working together? Please read more about setting up your initial assessment:

  1. Contact our office to have a preliminary discussion. The best way to reach out is to email Dr. Wilson-King or through the contact form below. Please be sure to provide 2-3 different dates and times that you can be reached for a 10 minute call. The call is to answer initial questions and set up your appointment.
  2. After answering all of your questions, Dr. Wilson-King will schedule your appointment during the call if you decide to move forward. You will then be sent a link to complete your paperwork via the patient portal.
  3. Please notify the office via email if you must change your initial appointment.
  4. At your first appointment, Dr. Wilson-King will review your health history form and ask for clarification when needed. She will give a presentation on the services at Victory Rejuvenation Center. At the end of the visit, you will receive the information needed to begin your assessment.

The comprehensive initial assessment costs $450. We accept checks, credit cards and debit cards for payment. We do not accept insurance.