Progesterone is the second hormone produced by the ovary and stands for “pro-gestation”. In other words, it is the hormone of pregnancy. Progesterone is necessary for the initiation and maintenance of pregnancy.

Progesterone also has many health-promoting properties. It is primarily used to balance the effects of estrogen. It can safely and effectively relieve menopause symptoms, protect against uterine and breast cancer, and prevent osteoporosis. Progesterone can act as an antidepressant, mild tranquilizer, natural painkiller, and diuretic. It can have a calming effect which can make it useful for treating anxiety, PMS, and postpartum depression.

Many symptoms can be relieved with progesterone alone if it is prescribed properly. However, further relief can be found when progesterone is combined with estrogen. These hormones work synergistically and balance one another out.


Hormone therapy is a type of gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and genderqueer (LGBTQ) populations as treatment for gender dysphoria (GD), body uneasiness, and sexual dysfunction. VRC does not provide services for gender-affirming hormone therapy. We will happily refer you to qualified professionals if that is a service that you are seeking.

We do however, treat the LGBTQ population with hormone replacement therapy for aging, as we do in the non-LGBTQ population. We welcome all persons/couples interested in hormone replacement therapy for changing hormone levels associated with the aging process.

It takes an expert in hormone therapy to individualize and customize therapy to specifically treat your unique situation. VRC is ready to help you!

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