Comprehensive Initial Assessment



Our bodies are the most complex organisms on Earth. Like an orchestra of varied instruments, the human body is no longer optimally effective when a single part is out of tune. Sickness anywhere in the body is sickness everywhere in the body. To optimize our health and wellness, we must gain a comprehensive understanding of our current physiological situation. Without an understanding of our present, we can’t achieve our desired future.

During this initial assessment, we’ll discuss

  • Your day-to-day emotional and psychological state
  • Your weight and, if applicable, why you weigh more than you’d like to
  • Whether you feel that you appear older than you are
  • How we can improve your vitality, productivity, energy, and enthusiasm about life
  • How you can return to peak performance and exude excellence
  • Your visit includes a Body Composition Analysis, a SphygmoCor (Pulse Wave Analysis), a basic physical exam, a detailed review of your history, a powerpoint presentation with a detailed description of all the services VRC offers patients (please check the service menu on the website).

Victory Rejuvenation Center wants to work with people who strive to remain at the top of their game and maximize productivity, vitality, energy, and success. We also want to work with executives, leaders and decision makers who feel that they are not at the top of their game and want more energy and drive to return to peak performance. If you’re serious about reflecting success in every facet of your life, then Victory Rejuvenation Center wants to help you optimize your performance for years to come.  We’ll identify all of the factors that are accelerating your aging process and begin to lay the groundwork for your future.