Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

December 8, 2021

The Holidays are upon us. That means lots of friends, family, fun, and food. Here’s a Victory Rejuvenation Center guide to help manage your ideal weight during the holidays.

  1. Never arrive hungry– Planning ahead can help you to maintain discipline in the face of temptation. Don’t go to a party when you are incredibly hungry. Try to have a nutritious snack or meal beforehand. If you are hungry when you get there, drink a couple of glasses of water to satiate yourself before filling your plate.
  2. Divert Your Attention– People often forget that there’s more to a holiday party than food. Take your mind off of eating and focus on something else. Remember to enjoy the company of others, people watch, dance, or admire your environment.
  3. Pace Yourself– Chew your food slowly (20 times) so you can fully absorb the nutrients. Put your fork, knife, or spoon down in between each bite. Munch at a leisurely pace. It puts you in control.
  4. Count Your Canaps– When there are canaps or any other pretty looking, rich hors d’oeuvre, it is easy to lose count of how many you eat. Keep track by stashing a toothpick in your pocket for each one you consume. Set a limit and stick to it!
  5. Outsmart The Buffet– When your meal is served buffet style, use the smallest plate size available. Don’t stack your food. Limit your helpings to one layer on your plate. Go for the simplest foods on the buffet. Fresh fruits and vegetables and shrimp cocktail are good choices. Load up on those before indulging in the other “treats”. Also, watch out for the sauces and dips!
  6. Limit Alcohol– Avoid drinking too much at holiday parties. Alcohol is empty calories. Also the more you drink, the less likely you can be in control. If you feel out of place without a beverage, sip on water or club soda with a lemon wedge.
  7. Be Choosy About Sweets– When it comes to dessert, be very selective. Limit your indulgences to small portions and only what truly appeals to you. You know yourself. Some people can eat one bite of something and stop. Most people probably cannot do that (for example, who can eat just one potato chip?) If you know you’re the type to go overboard, then sample a small portion of one dessert as opposed to piling your plate with several treats.
  8. Bring Your Own Treats– Whether you are going to a friend’s house or an office potluck, consider bringing a low-calorie treat that you know you’ll enjoy. Making your own dessert will make the more unhealthy alternatives less tempting. People love fruit!
  9. Limit Tastes While Cooking– If you do a lot of cooking during the holidays, crack down on all the “tasting”. People lose their appetites when they cook because they often graze the whole time. Instead of tasting every few minutes, limit yourself to two small bites of each item before and after seasoning. Make it a little taste as opposed to a big scoop!
  10. Walk It Off– If you are a person who already exercises regularly, make sure you continue your workouts throughout the holidays. If you are not someone who exercises regularly yet, start walking. Walk once a day and/or before or after a meal. Walking not only benefits you physically, but also puts you in the mindset to be more careful about what you eat. There’s something about activity that puts you in control.

And most importantly, please enjoy your family and friends during the holidays!