The greatest threat to your health today is likely a result of what you are eating. Food is more than a source of energy: it is a crucial factor in mental and physical wellbeing. Today, the leading killers in the United States are heart attacks, strokes and cancer. It is estimated that at least 80% of heart attacks are preventable. The American Cancer Society reports that diet and lifestyle (including moderate alcohol intake, no smoking, BMI in the normal range and engaged in 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week) can help people avert or delay 67% of cancer deaths and prevent 63% of new malignancies each year. (Harvard Health)

We are what we eat and building a routine for proper nutrition is an essential aspect of a wellness protocol. At Victory Rejuvenation Center, we will use an array of modalities to create a nutritional program that is catered to the specific needs of the patient. Additionally, certain foods and physical activities can encourage optimal endocannabinoid system function, improve your wellbeing, and boost the effectiveness of medical cannabis. For more information, check out the Endocannabinoid Diet and Activities Guide by Dr. Dustin Sulak of Healer.

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