Bioidentical Hormones



The jury is out (meaning the verdict is in) on the importance of replenishing hormones to optimize wellness and vitality as we get older. The medical community has scientifically established that:

1) Hormone levels begin to decline in the mid-to-late thirties

2) These declines precipitate many of the unnecessary symptoms of getting older

One of Victory Rejuvenation Center’s most powerful tools for restoring health, equanimity, energy, and exuberance is bioidentical hormone replacement. Bioidentical hormones are exact molecular copies of hormones that your body naturally produces and metabolizes (the exact chemical structure). There are many pharmaceutical preparations as well as compounded preparations available.  They are both chemically synthesized or derived from plants.  We equilibrate the hormonal declines with bioidentical replacements to simultaneously prevent many of the unnecessary byproducts of getting older and activate healthy aging. Of course, men and women experience these declines differently, so the replenishment required is also different.