Biodentical Hormone Program


Biodentical Hormone Program

Every time we board an airplane, we are given a list of instructions for how to behave in the event of an emergency. The very first emergency management instruction is to don our air masks before assisting our loved ones or neighbors with their air masks. This is a perfect analogy for our health. Healthy aging requires treating our physical health as if it is our most valuable asset, prioritizing our health before all else. If we don’t take care of ourselves here and now, we won’t be able to take care of others when they need us most in the future. Excellence in all areas of our lives begins with our physical and emotional health.

To invigorate your excellence and return you to peak performance, Victory Rejuvenation Center is pleased to introduce cutting edge technologies in the assessment and management of your aging process. Our Bioidentical Hormone Program includes:

  1. Review of medical and lifestyle history
  2. Basic physical examination
  3. Body Composition Analysis
  4. Biochemical Laboratory Analysis
  • Hormone testing: assessing levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormones, DHEA, insulin, cortisol, and growth hormone. Click here to read more about bioidentical hormone replacement
  • Micronutrient testing: a comprehensive nutritional evaluation to identify specific imbalances of vitamins, nutrients, essential cofactors, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and any detoxification impairment.  This will include a one month supply of a customized vitamin made from a new technology called BioG microtabs.  Most of what you need will be in one container! (optional, additional charge)
  • Advanced cardiovascular testing: an advanced cardiac assessment. The SphymoCor is a device used to measure central blood pressure and arterial stiffness
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes (insulin resistance) screening
  • Urine NTX: assessment of how much calcium your bones are losing. This simple urine test can predict bone loss before the Dexascan! (women only)
  • Advanced Cardiac Testing – an advanced biochemical profile to assess cardiac disease risk and determine the quality of all of your lipoproteins (HDL, LDL cholesterol count, LDL particle number, and others).

5.  Nutrition Recommendations: VRC suggests a plant-based diet and will explain why and how to shift to healthier eating

6.  Exercise Recommendations: VRC will make recommendations for an individualized exercise program to improve your health and endurance based on your age and health status.

7.  A Meaningful Doctor/Patient Relationship

Victory Rejuvenation Center seeks to eliminate any barriers to regular communication between physician and patient. We think this is essential to achieving your health goals. Our practice structure encourages regular communication, and is an efficient and cost effective way to create the high-touch, individualized doctor-patient relationship physicians and patients desire.

At the conclusion of all of the testing performed during the visit, we will review all of the tests you’ve had (any test results you bring with you, and have during the visit) and discuss them in detail.  Our goal is to make sure you have a complete understanding of where you are on the health continuum.  Then we will develop an individualized program that will enable you to achieve your goal of optimum health and optimum wellness.